CTS Hot Package
Cairo, Luxor, Aswan (Nile felucca) 8 Days, 7 Nights

You now Have the opportunity to visit the biggest two cities of Egypt, Cairo the biggest city in Africa and the capital of Egypt, and Alexandria Egypt's major port founded by Alexander the great.

Tour itinerary, Day 1: arrive to Egypt

Enjoy sailing by felucca through Egypt's open air museum from Aswan to Luxor – CoMombu ,Edfu ,Karnak and more ………the tour also includes Cairo high lights.

After breakfast meet our tour guide(who has a valid license) in your hotel at 8 am, then you will be transferred to Memphis museum where you will see the colossi of king Ramses the 2nd and the ruins of this ancient capital of Egypt ,then you will move to Sakkara to see the steps pyramid and the oldest funerary surrounding it .There is a break for lunch and then on the way to Giza you will stop for a short time at one of the papyrus factories to see in front of your eyes how the ancient Egyptians used to make it. Afterwards you will go to Giza plateau to see the famous three pyramids of Cheops, chephren and Mycerinus and the great sphinx. The last stop in the tour will be in your way back to the hotel, at another factory of the flowers pure extracts and the plow oriental chaps glasses, and finally, drive back to the hotel and overnight.


Day 3: city tour:
After breakfast meet our tour guide(who has a valid license) in your hotel at 8 am, drive to the citadel of Saladin to see the ancient walls and towers which dates back to 1171 A.D and the famous mosque of Mohamed Ail- the most famous mosque in Cairo sky line ,then you will move to the religious community

Program Quality Duration price
Egypt adventure Budget 5 dayes, 4 nights 350 $
Cairo - ( Nile cruise) Budget 8 Day's, 7 Nights 350 $
The Great Nile Budget 8 Day's, 7 Nights 250 $
Cairo , nile cruise
Budget CAMPING 420 $
Sinai Explore Budget 6 dayes, 5 nights 350 $
Land of Pharos Budget 6 dayes, 5 nights 260 $
Baharya Oasis The Cave Budget 3 night's 199 $
DIVING IN HURGHADA Budget 8 Day's, 7 Nights 650 $
Overnight Trip to Moses Budget Overnight 199 $